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Continue following the Silver Spurs Equine Road to Success by winning the NRHA DERBY on a horse sired by a Silver Spurs Stallion* . Silver Spurs has always claimed that we have many of the best stallions in reining and we are always willing to put our money where our mouth is!

Beginning in 2023, if the NRHA DERBY is won on a horse sired by a Silver Spurs Stallion*  SILVER SPURS will MATCH the 2022 1ST place payouts on all OPEN and NON-PRO levels making the NRHA LEVEL 4 OPEN DERBY CHAMPION = $150,000
*except Pale Face Dunnit

Here are the payout schedules based upon 2022 winnings:

Silver Spurs is proud to compensate our trainers and owners for all of their hard work and dedication to our fabulous sport

US NRHA Derby - June

*All awards will be paid out at the NRHA Derby as soon as finals results are official

All awards will be paid for all European Futurities via FedEx on the next business day- 50% owner • 50% rider

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