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Message from Michael Miola: I am very suspect about the importance of this test and the mutation UC Davis has apparently isolated. Having 1 or 2 copies of the mutation does not mean that a horse will develop IMM. It only means that the horse "may" develop IMM and most important, IMM completely curable.
However, in the interest of full disclosure to our breeders I have had all our stallions tested, below are the results. To view the actual UC Davis report click on the stallion's name.

Senior Stallions:                                           
A Sparkling Vintage - N/N
Big Chex To Cash - N/N
Boom Shernic - N/N
Chic Dreamin - N/N
Conquistador Whiz - N/N
Cromed Out Mercedes - N/N
Custom Cash Advance - N/N
Da Care Bear - N/N
Einsteins Revolution - N/N
Electric Wind - N/N
Epic Titan - N/N
HF Mobster - N/My
Ifwhizswereguns - N/N
Mister Montana Nic - N/N
Nic It In The Bud - N/N
Pale Face Dunnit - N/My
Platinum Vintage - N/N
Ruf Lil Magnum - N/N **
SG Frozen Enterprize (ICEMAN) - N/N
Smart Shiners Spook - N/N
Shiners Voodoo DR - N/N
Smoking Whiz - N/N
Spooks Gotta Gun - N/N
Tinker With Guns - N/My
Wimpyneedsacocktail - N/My
Wimpys Little Step - My/My
Xtra New Pal Voodoo - Awaiting Results
Junior Stallions:
Captain Barbossa - My/My
CatAtomic - N/N
Haboomamatada - N/N
My Customized Whiz - Awaiting results


N/N - No copies of the MYHM mutation. Horse does not have "increased" susceptibility for IMM (so I guess all horses have some susceptibility)
N/My - 1 copy of the mutation. Meaning a horse "may" develop IMM following an infection, vaccination or nonexertional rhabdomyolsis  Horse "can" pass on 1 copy of the mutation to 50% of offspring.
My/My - 2 copies of the MYHM mutation are present. Horse is at risk and "may" develop IMM following an infection, vaccination or nonexertional rhabdomyolsis . Horse will pass on 1 copy of the mutation to its offspring. 


Important Notes:

Wimpy, has been vaccinated, trained, shown (NRHA Futurity Champion), is an NRHA $12 Million Dollar Hall of Fame Sire, and has over 1,000 performers in the show pen at any given time! Never has he ever demonstrated any of the symptoms associated with IMM. In the 13 years that Wimpy has stood at Silver Spurs - Oklahoma only one (1) case has ever been reported and that horse was treated and cured even though all of his offspring apparently have 1 copy of the mutation. Same with Captain Barbossa and no cases reported.


Tinker With Guns,  Mobster, Pale Face, Wimpyneedsacocktail, and Ruf Conqueror, have also been vaccinated, trained, shown, and have lots of babies on the ground; Pale Face has already sired a Futurity Champion ! Never have any of these stallions ever exhibited any of the symptoms associated with IMM. Nor have any cases of IMM been reported, although the offspring of these stallions only have a 50% chance of passing on 1 copy of the mutation.

In my opinion, I would NOT consider the results of the IMM test to be a criterion for selecting a stallion to breed to, but rather useful information in the off chance that an offspring develops symptoms of IMM so that it can be treated and cured quickly and safely.

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